Microwave Food Healthy Or Not

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It doesn’t take much intuition to realize that microwaving your food, has to do with as ‘unnatural’ a method to cook your food as you can get. Does not the reality we utilize the terms, ‘zap’ it or ‘nuke’ it in the microwave, send a chill up your spine and suggest something is not right here?

A crucial point is that microwaves don’t actually ‘cook’ your food at all. They essentially just heat up the water content of the food and cause the food particles to resonate at really high frequencies RV microwave. This ‘heats up’ your food, but this is extremely different from ‘cooking’ your food.

It resembles your food is heated however still ‘raw’. It does not change the chemical structure of your food properly (and in most cases warps the food particles), thus considerably minimizing your foods nutritional worth. Even worse however, is that microwaves can (and usually do) produce damaging substances that can cause serious problems/disease (high cholesterol, cancer etc). * See the research further down.

Now, before you begin cursing me once again for making you feel bad (because you love your microwave and think life would be hell without it), keep in mind, like all the health suggestions we offer, you need to make them practical and still have the ability to work and take pleasure in life. However, while a little bit occasionally won’t eliminate you (not immediately anyway!) – routine consumptions are a real problem.

Basically, microwave ovens decay and change the structure of food by the process of ‘radiation’. Do you believe if they were marketed as “radiation ovens”, they would be so popular? No chance, but that’s exactly what they are. Simply put, you are interfering with/disturbing the ‘natural intelligence’ of the food (which is without a doubt the most vital part of any food).

Why wouldn’t we hear more about their negative results if they were so bad? Basically, for the exact same factor we do not become aware of a number of the things that jeopardize our health (up until years after), beneficial interests and ‘heads in the sand’. The majority of people do not wish to quit something that is so ‘convenient’!!! And as contemporary science does not value the fact that there is more to cooking food, than simply warming it up, inadequate appropriate research is being done. It’s just another case of modern-day society, attempting to utilize ‘technology’ to conserve time … regrettably at the expense of our health & wellness.

Ashu Rawat

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