The Adorable Dwarf Campbell Hamster

Campbell Dwarf Hamster is the most preferred species of all the Dwarf Hamsters, and also is the variety most frequently seen in family pet stores.


WHAT remains in A NAME?


Another name for this hamster is the Dzungaria Dwarf Hamster, named after the Ala-Tau mountain range that covers the countries of China, Russia, Kazakhstan and also Mongolia. But the hamster’s main name is PopupsCampbell, a rather pompous tag for such an adorable, snuggly creature.




Campbell Dwarf Hamsters in the wild have a gray-brown coat with a white stubborn belly. Nevertheless, years of discerning breeding in bondage have yielded many exciting variants with unique appearing names. Despite the pigmentation, all hamsters of these varieties have a dark dorsal red stripe – that is, a red stripe that diminishes their back.

– Agouti is the name offered to the conventional pigmentation discovered in the wild.

– Argent has a cinnamon top on a white bottom. This variation usually sporting activities either red or black eyes.

– Opal has a blue-gray layer with white stomach and red eyes. Hamsters with this pigmentation are typically mislabeled as Wintertime White Hamsters, which have the exact same blue-gray overcoat during the summer season.

– Black has a solid black layer, with shiners.

– Albino has a strong white coat, with red eyes.


The layer of the Campbell Dwarf Hamster may have variants in appearance:

– Regular – short as well as flat

– Satin – the hair is shiny

– Rex – a brief layer of curly, sporadic, soft hair, as well as curly whiskers.




Campbell Dwarf Hamsters expand to be concerning 4 inches in length. The men will be a little longer than the females. They are a lot smaller sized than routine selections, such as the Golden Hamster or the Black Bear Hamster, and for that reason need to be maintained in containers where they can not squeeze through benches of the cage.




Like all hamsters, these creatures are nocturnal, indicating that their regular waking hrs. are throughout the evening. Nonetheless, they arise sometimes throughout the daytime for food and also exercise. Socialized hamsters are utilized to humans, but should be taken care of daily if they are to continue to be tame.


Although they have a pleasant character, it may nip if surprised or scared. Resist the lure to get a resting hamster. Keep in mind that a hamster is short on the food web, and unexpected activities will arouse an all-natural reaction for protection. When reaching for your hamster, make sure the hamster sees your hand, and also move gradually. Offering deals with, such as sunflower seeds, on your open palm will certainly give your hamster a favorable organization with your hand, and also make it less complicated to grab.




Campbell Dwarf Hamsters are simple to look after. Along with the appropriate cage, a hamster wheel will certainly be needed for exercise. Toys are not only valued by the hamster, however are fun accessories to buy. Crucial are chew playthings, to make sure that the hamster might keep his teeth appropriately trimmed. As well as naturally, you will wish to supply your hamster with ideal food as well as purified water.


Rewards might be given up the kind of seeds, nuts as well as veggies. It is essential to prevent sweet deals with, as this species is especially at risk to developing diabetic issues. With correct treatment, they could live longer compared to its life expectancy of two years.




One advantage to this hamster is that it quadrates its cage friends, as long as they were introduced to the room at the very same time, as youngsters. Hamsters that present a tendency to fight with one another need to be divided before they do damage. Males as well as females will certainly duplicate generously, so it is very important to keep them apart unless you already have houses aligned for the offspring.




This variety is understood for its inquisitive and captivating ways. When you have actually provided the standard demands of food and shelter, you will certainly locate an enjoyable friend animal in the Campbell Dwarf Hamster.

Betty Parker

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