What Makes A Musical In A Theater

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By technical definition, musical theater is a type of theater that combines music, tunes, dancing and spoken dialogue. It is really closely associated to opera, while purposely preventing a number of the conventions of opera in order to have a more general appeal.

The musical components of a musical is called ball game. The sung lines are called lyrics rather than plain spoken discussion which is simply called dialogue. Typically the person composing the lyrics to the musical is not the exact same person who has actually written the real story STVM ITS. An example of this would be “Wicked” where the songs were composed by Stephen Schwartz, the script by Winnie Holzman and the book that it originated from by Gregory Maguire. This is not unusual in musical comedy.

A musical can be anywhere from a couple of minutes to a few hours long. The average running time for a contemporary musical is about 2 and a half hours with an intermission about half method through the play. Some musicals however do run directly through if they aren’t too long. The intermissions, when they are present, have to do with ten to fifteen minutes long. A typical musical will have about twenty to thirty songs. Some will be really short pieces and others can be quite long. Most musicals generally start with an overture which highlights numerous of the songs that will be heard throughout the play and set the state of mind for exactly what will come. Some musicals, like “Tommy” can be sung through from beginning to end, which can actually blur the great line between a musical and an opera. As a matter of reality, Tommy is actually thought about a rock opera more than it is thought about a musical.

Typically the highlights and most dramatic moments of a musical are done in tune. The factor is due to the fact that these are the moments that the creators desire you to remember the most and it is a lot easier to bear in mind a well done 3 or four minute tune than it is to keep in mind three or 4 minutes of spoken discussion. If the emotion that needs to be communicated is too strong even for tune then in those cases dance is added to and even put in location of singing. A best example of this is the battle scene in “West Side Story” which was done completely in dance.

Discovering a balance in between spoken discussion and song is not easy. On top of that the authors need to take care to write songs for each character that really fits the character. For example, a character who is a wicked villain is not going to sing tunes about enjoying and in love.

Also, it is difficult to establish the drama in a musical due to the fact that a five minute tune has fewer words in it than 5 minutes of spoken dialogue. When an hour and a half of your musical is actual music, this makes it extremely important that the writers make excellent usage of the lyrics for each tune as this will be the car for informing the majority of the story.

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